Wednesday, March 15, 2006



Nabaztag wifi bunny

Some of the free services that your Nabaztag could give you.

  • Talking Clock: Like a cuckoo clock, Nabaztag will speak the time on the top of every hour.

  • Wake up rabbit : Just select your favourite MP3 and Nabaztag will sing it to wake you up. You can ask Nabaztag to send you to bed, too!

  • Weather forecast: Want the weather forecast for where you live... or for the antipodes? Nabaztag can tell you all day, in colour. Or with his nice little voice, whenever you ask.

  • Stock market:  Your Nabaztag keeps an eye on market indices for you. It provides financial information with light signals, or speak them whenever you choose.

  • Email alerts: Sitting in front of the computer waiting for email? Silly you; Get along with your life, when the messages gets there, Nabaztag will warn you.

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