Friday, March 10, 2006


Stay in touch with your dog with PetsCell

I lost my dog once. We found it later but I would have given anything for a PetsCell at the moment:

 The ability to track a lost pet has most dog lovers excited. The PetsCell has a "call owner" button in case Rover strays. It also includes assisted GPS, or A-GPS, which works indoors, allowing dog owners to map their pup's coordinates from any web-enabled device or by dialing a voice-enabled call center.

Measuring approximately 5 cm's wide, 2.5 cm's thick and 9.4 cm's long, the PetsCellTM sets the standard for GPS tracking devices for pets. Incorporating industry leading GPS technology, the 2-way communication ability of the PetsCellTM will deliver a consistency and quality of fixes across a spectrum encompassing conditions that existing pet tracking devices will not match. With remote programmable geo-fence capability and a temperature sensor accompanied with a variety of other attachable devices, the PetsCellTM will quite simply be the standard against which all other pet tracking devices are measured. The PetsMobilityTM PetsCellTM is the solution for lost pets.

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