Monday, January 15, 2007


Clamwin, the only free Anti Virus for Windows 2003

I have used AVG for a while on my Windows 2003 laptop, but AVG is dropping support for free AVG in the new 7.5 version. Avast does not install on Win2k3 either so the only free alternative I have found is ClamWin, that offers:

  • High detection rates for viruses and spyware;

  • Scanning Scheduler

  • Automatic downloads of regularly updated Virus Database.

  • Standalone virus scanner and right-click menu integration to Microsoft Windows Explorer;

  • Addin to Microsoft Outlook to remove virus-infected attachments automatically.

Note that it does not include an on-access real-time scanner. You need to manually scan a file in order to detect a virus or spyware.

YMMV as the addin seriously slows down Outlook on my laptop. It should be OK on faster machines though.

Thanks for the tip Michele

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Instant Messaging slang and acronym translator

The IM slang translator is handy if you have got friends that use slang like "10q" and LOL in IM and mail. It also has a lot of common acronyms used on the internet and smilies that I didn't even know existed.


Face Transformer

Have some fun wih the Face Transformer. It lets you apply different transformations like child, female, drunk and this “50% Chimp“ transformation:

Guess who the model was...


Binary Clock

The lights on this binary clock on IWOOT, can be set to three different degrees of brightness:

It looks pretty neat but I guess only geeks like myself can appreciate a clock like this unless you like to puzzle your guests. This test should tell how likely you are to enjoy the clock...