Wednesday, May 24, 2006


LighTalk II

Make sure your message is noticed in meetings and at parties with the LighTalk II:

Picture this: you are in a meeting, bored out of your mind. So you doodle on your note pad, pretending to take notes. Suddenly, you realize you might have created the world's greatest doodle and you need to share it with your equally bored coworker on the other side of the table. Pull out your LighTalk II; problem solved.

With a push of a button, the LighTalk II has scanned the image into its memory. Flip the switch to the display mode, and wave the pen-shaped LighTalk II back and forth like an upside down pendulum. Your image will be created in the air by a strip of orangey LEDs, and all will be amazed. Persistence of vision at it's best. But this is version 2.0, which has some incredible new features. Apart from holding four more scans than version 1, you now have the ability to display one message after another in Continuous Display Mode. Also, with the new IR feature, you can "beam" your drawings and messages straight into a friend's LighTalk II. Now, not only can you flash your doodle, you can share it too!

  • Scanning Area: 4" x 7"

  • Image scans best when drawn with a black marker (.2" thick)

  • LighTalk II dimensions: 8.5" long, 1" diameter

  • Black Unit Color with Red-Orange LEDs

  • Continuous Display Mode - cycles through all 8 messages

  • "Beam" images to another LighTalk II unit

  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included) for over 10 hours of continuous display

  • Includes: LighTalk II, wrist strap, and instructions [download PDF version]


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