Monday, February 13, 2006


Say what you really think about the other driver

Why show the finger when you can use a Vehicle Courteous Message Display:

The  “Vehicle Courteous Message Display” (VCMD), a new US/Canada patented invention, is a device designed to help drivers communicate when the need arises. Mainly, it includes a small remote control and an electronic display panel. The small remote control may be placed in the desired location for easy access. Preprogrammed words, phrases, signs or combined messages are stored in a read/write memory section of the electronic display panel. It is easy to use. Messages may be displayed with the simple press of a button. The display panel may be mounted on/near the rearview window of an automobile.

The basic version comes pre-programmed with four words; of “THANKS”, “SORRY”, “PLEASE”, and “HELP”.  The advanced version can be programmed to say whatever you want...

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