Monday, February 6, 2006


Cellphone For Kids Under 10 years

Teddyfone; cute but...

Teddyfone - Another Cellphone For Kids Under 10
...this new Teddyfone is definitely something that struck my attention, mainly because of the age that its being marketed for.

If you happen to check out the Teddyfone website you will see the image of a girl, apparently no older than 4, with her Teddyfone. What you also see is the mention of Child Safety. Now the Child Safety thing is a plus and the fact that the fone comes with a free subscription to tracking service is good, but what I still can't figure out is... where are these kids under 10 that they have the need for a cell phone?
I guess maybe I'm speaking more on the lines of a parent then a consumer. But what is the message that this sends out? Trust me, I am in now way an advocate of perfect parenting (recalls the time that her son rolled off the bed because pillows weren't properly placed.)

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