Tuesday, August 28, 2007


FireHammer MT monster 1/5 R/C truck

The FireHammer MT is sure to give you some respect when you take it for a spin.

It is huge as it is over 2 feet long and over 20 pounds. It is ready to run and you don't have to break in the engine. Just add regular unleaded gasoline, 2-cycle engine oil, 8 "AA" batteries and you are ready for 30 minutes of fast and furious racing fun.


  • Already assembled

  • Painted, trimmed and mounted body

  • DuraTrax 2-channel FM radio system

  • (2) metal-geared, high-torque servos

  • 1/4 scale, metal-geared steering servo

  • Recoil-started 23cc gasoline engine

  • DuraTrax micro fail-safe unit

  • Engine Kill Switch 

  • Rechargeable 6.0V receiver battery

  • AC charger

Check out the video of the car in action.

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